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The Mindemoya Cave is on private property at Rockgarden Terrace Resort. It is also open for non-resort guests for a small fee (for adults $7.50 and for children under 12 $ 6.00, including HST) from May to October between 9am and 5pm, weather permitting. To visit the cave takes about 45 min, including the walk along the private nature trail to the cave entrance. Good walking shoes are required as it is a natural trail. For ticket purchase please follow the cave visitor signage when you arrive at the Resort gates. We also kindly ask that you refrain from exploring the Resort grounds, as they are for registered house guests only and not part of the cave tour. For more information please call: 705-377-4652.          

Cave History: The cave was carved out by water after the last Glacier 10 000 years ago. It is approximately 9 to 15 ft high and 85 ft deep. At the very back of the cave is an opening to the surface, from there the crevice route goes all the way to lake Kagawong, which is at a higher elevation. Thus the crevasses created during the Glaciation 'ice-age' and the immense water power, after the ice melt, was the "Creator" of the cave.          

The cave was discovered by three Mennonite preachers while out fishing. Seven skeletons were found and were thought to belong to the Odawa who had hidden out there from the Iroquois. The skeletons were taken to a Toronto museum, that was later gutted by fire. In 1985 to gain access to the cave an Inco engineer and his workers cleared away 6 ft of dirt and heavy fallen rocks to open the entrance and clear the floor. Now, the cave shows the beautiful natural carved Dolomite rock walls and the smooth washed out limestone floor. One can visualize that the cave could have been a good shelter from the harsh weather elements. Warm in the winter, an opening for a fire and close to the water and forest for food.